Thursday, October 03, 2013

Surprise, Surprise

Today 1Ls at Boalt Hall found a little surprise on their chairs in the form of drink and verse as they arrived for their morning classes. Small bottles of liquor and a poem (image below) awaited them on their chairs courtesy of the mysterious gun club.

A google search reveals that apparently, the Gun Club is a secret society founded by Earl Warren and friends and referenced in his autobiography.(See: The group is dedicated to drinking, poetry, and apparently smelling the roses.

It is also reported that white boards in the classrooms had GC symbols and the signature EW 14' (possibly indicating a mysterious 3L's initials or possibly because of the Club's apparent affiliation with the Chief and esteemed alumnus of the class of 1914).

Allegedly in the past the Club has been associated with such hi-jinks as planting love letters to Earl Warren and champagne in the study areas of the student center on valentine's day, hiring a look alike of the Dude from the Big Lebowski to give out drink tickets and silently promote the club at student activities fairs and plastering posters with Professor Yoo and the words "I'm sorry for everything" all over the school.

Who are these people and what do they want? Well, according to their poem they want the 1Ls to be kind and smell the roses...I'll drink to that.

Stay Berkeley, my friends.


  1. Oh, to be a 1L again...

  2. For a century one question
    Still pondered at Boalt,
    Wondered by 1Ls,
    "Gun harder or just float?"

    We've answered the call
    We're your faithful reminder
    That here we seek more
    Than topping the resume binder.

    Here we breathe deep
    And remember to stop and smell the roses.
    We spread kindness to classmates
    In generous doses.

    We gun at Kip's karaoke
    and review bars on Thursday nights.
    Where we make lifelong friends,
    and discover more than constitutional rights.

    You're at the most special of schools
    But for your prowess, passion, and ambitions.
    You are charged to toast one another
    And uphold grand traditions.

    The Gun Club counsels you to have a lil' fun,
    And as always, to Live by the Drink, and Die by the Gun.

  3. Is a ripped off ad slogan really befitting of Boalt?

  4. Anonymous:
    From an alum: It's a good idea to bring a watch. The examsoft
    software can mess with the computer's clock. I knew numerous people who said their clocks slowed (i.e. they got the 10 min warning and thought there were 20 min left). Just a normal wristwatch should be fine, just don't expect your computer clock to function with examsoft running.

    7/27/2009 8:54 AM

    Has this ever happened to anybody else, if the person that wrote that statement could post on this board would be great.

  5. How does one contact the author of this entry? email?

    I have your answers about UCGC.

  6. boo no BLF post

  7. What an obnoxious relic. It's run by the old guy whose office is right by the entrance to the library. Why this man shows any interest in presiding over a wannabe cool kids club is beyond me...