Saturday, September 18, 2004

The Devil's Advocate is in the Details

Once again there is a request over at Blawg Wisdom for advice. But this time it's in regards to Network IT vs. being a lawyer. Someone actually sent this e-mail to the Yahoo Groups for Boalt 2007. He wanted to know whether he should come to Berkeley, Texas, or coninue working as an IT guy at Nortel. I provided him a response which included a point by point analysis. I think this applies to the Blawg Wisdom request


"Quite a mouthful there Sai. If you'll indulge me, let me answer your questions point by point.

I am here in the US to have best time possible - I dont believe in marriage

Nothing is less conducive to marriage than a techie in Texas. This probably gives 10 points towards staying with your current job.

I make about 45 bucks an hour - close to 100K - I belive in power and money -

And this is just with Nortel? Go on with your bad self. Imagine the big bucks when you upgrade to Dell. There's a remote chance that you may get the sense of power after a legal education, but that's just an illusion (delusion if you will). True power lies in technology. HONESTLY, can a legal memorandum match the incredible power and sexuality of a bat out of hell worm/virus that you create in your basement? Hardly. So power and money seem to be leaning towards staying with current job. Ummm how about 15 bonus points each, for a grand total of 40 now. Moving on.

I was always invloved in politics and ultimately get involved in politics - not sure whether in the US OR INDIA at this moment.

Since when did American education short of a Harvard PhD get any respect in India? No reason to go to law school based on that. American politics is trickier. Do you want to be the guy that tells Presidential Candidate X that it's ok to accept a bajillion dollars from Donor Y, or do you want to be the guy that designs his kickass website? I don't even know HTML and I can tell you the answer to that one. Another 30 points for tech, grand total 70. (I'd like to see the Harlem Globe Trotters do better than this).

I already studied boalt - ALMOST all the IP COURSES - patent law, IP introductory class and almost all other stuff related to computer tech.

What's the architectural layout of Boalt? Are there any pressure points? Did you notice the lack of windows as well? Well anyway, I'll just use some good old fashioned detective work to assume you meant you already took all the tech related law courses at Boalt. Well so much for that one huh. Actually Boalt deserves (-50) for that's about as useful to you as shit-laced toilet paper. Oh and since we know how American education is really a cookie-cutter approach, you can be rest assured that you've practically taken all the IP/tech courses at UT as well. Umm how about -25 for them. By virtue of their negatives, you get a solid 75 points towards staying as a techie. Grand total so far: 145 for techie, -50 for Boalt, and -25 for UT. Don't worry there's still Double Jeopardy to come.

I want a honest opinion - you can make or break my life.

If only....

I want to make a rational decision at this point of my life - by the time I get to bolat if at all I attend I will be 26 years old and will be close to 30 by the time I graduate.

Let's be quite frank with each other. You know and I know you've passed the prime of your life. And since you don't believe in marriage and all, by god, you're gonna be single, 30, and in debt by the time you graduate...hardly the pLaYa image you seek my Hindu friend. This is definitely not telling me that "bolat" is for you. Your fingers belong on the keyboard of life...the giver and the taker...the sole means of satisfaction on Yahoo listservs. +20 for Techie: Grand totals, 165 for tech, -50 Bolat, and -25 UT.

guys: I am here in the US for good life. Obviously, money, power and xxx.

+1,500 for Techie. Grand total: 1665 Techie, -50 Bolat, -25 UT.

am trin to be frank and honest so that I can get a honest and frank reply -- awaitin your resposnse:

If I've been anything but, I might as well slit my wrists.

SUCCESS IS MY ONLY OPTION - Sai _ this is my quote and I wanna copyright this/

Copyright? Hell you should market this. Don't let those athletic coaches that shout out "failure is not an option" stop you.

Warmest regards,


P.S. Final tally

1665 -- Techie (runaway winner, only a fool would choose anything else in your shoes)
-50 -- Bolat (useless windowless dump)
-25 -- UT (maybe for the chicks, but that shouldn't be a problem for anyone with a Nortel Employee ID)"


[Before anyone takes my advice too seriously I'd like to let you know that I'm being sarcastic, and this is in no way meant to actually influence anyone's decision]



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