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This is dedicated to crim law cases that arise out of love that just was not meant to be. The following cases all deal with provocation as a defense against murder (to reduce it to manslaughter).

"She continued to taunt him by saying, 'I never did wnat to marry you and you are a lousy fuck and you remind me of my dad' [who had apparently abused her as a child]. The barrage of insults continued with her telling Steven that she wanted a divorce, that the marriage had been a mistake and that she had never wanted to marry him. She also told him she had seen his commanding officer and filed charges against him for abuse. She then asked Steven, "What are you going to do?" Receiving no response, she continued her verbal attack...after pausing for a moment, Joyce [again] asked what Steven was going to do. What he did was lunge at her with a kitchen knife he had hidden behind the pillow and stab her 19 times." -- Judge Cole, in Girouard v. State, 321 Md. 532 (Md. Ct. of App., 1991).

"Maher offered evidence to show an adulterous intercourse between his wife and Hunt less than an hour before the assault. His evidence was that he followed his wife and Hunt as they entered the woods together, that when they left a half hour later he followed Hunt to the saloon, that just before he entered the saloon a friend told him that Hunt and his wife had had intercourse in the woods the day before." -- Justice Christiancy, in Maher v. People, 10 Mich. 212 (1862).

"Thereafter, on one occasion, he broke into Miss Lo Consolo's apartment while she was out. Defendant took nothing, but, instead, observed the apartment, disrobed and lay for a time in Miss Lo Consolo's bed...Defendant's final visit ot his victim's apartment occurred on February 28, 1977. Defendant brought several bottles of wine and liquor with him to offer as a gift. Upon Miss Lo Consolo's rejection of this offering, defendant produced a steak knife which he had brought with him, stabbed Miss Lo Consolo several times in the throat, dragged her body to the bathroom and submerged it in a bathtub full of water to 'make sure she was dead.'" -- Justice Jasen, in People v. Casassa, 49 N.Y.2d 668 (1980).


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Great blog.

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wow armen... I can't believe you still manage to find time enough to write in these things. I must admit I enjoy them, don't always agree with you, but nevertheless tend to laugh. Still, the question remains, HOW DO YOU MANAGE TO FIND THE TIME??? You'll always amaze me my friend.
ps: aren't you HELLA loving the bay area, I know I miss it!

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what's your point?

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