Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Toaleta Nieczynna

Great moments in history, starring Armen:

Armen walks into a men's restroom at Kerckoff Hall at UCLA with his former roommate. Roommate takes stall, Armen takes urinal. Armen notes the unusually high urinal and remarks, "How the fuck do you piss in this thing?"

Roommate: "I don't know man...try tip-toeing"

Armen: "I'm gonna go for an arch."

Roommate: "Just think of McDonalds."

Armen continues pissing...meanwhile he notices a "DO NOT FLUSH...URINAL WILL OVERFLOW" sign placed right at the handle (eye level). What does Armen do? FLUSH. What does Armen get? A nice cold spray of water from the handle area...or so I hope.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is R

Armen, you ought to have learned some things in your several years at UCLA:

not everything functions as it should around here
athletes can oftentimes get concessions in their favor (think about this one)
and it's all a liberal conspiracy

10/14/2004 9:28 PM  

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