Sunday, May 29, 2005

Party of Five Things

GG, whom I think I saw at one of the free breakfast sessions during finals, passes this on:

Now, on to the Caesar’s Bath meme. “List five things that people in your circle of friends or peer group are wild about, but you can’t really understand the fuss over.”

The tricky thing is that it says circle of friends or peer group, not society at large. Let's see what we can do regardless.

1. WordPerfect. This is like the linux of word processing programs. About 0.05 % of the population worships it and burns microsoft products in its honor twice a year, but the rest of the world finds it a completely counter-intuitive product. You basically have to know Sanskrit to drop a footnote. God forbid you try to paste somethign from the web. It copies everything including like HTML image codes. I once inserted pics of 18-year old nudes in a motion for summary judgment memo. Westlaw was having some issues that day.

2. Highlighters. Using multiple colors on paper was cool when I was 5. Even then it was only cool to break the crayons and not much more. Does Crayola still try to invent new colors btw? If so they should get into highlighting. A new "Fuschia" highlighter would sell like hotcakes at law school bookstores nation-wide. Actually, it'd sell like a highlighter, or maybe like Gilbert's Property by Dukeminier. Whatever the case, it would sell a lot better than the Boalt license plate frames and mugs.

3. Abercrombie. Mandatory inclusion since I'm back in LA again.

4. Blogs. Only losers have one.

5. Paid summer jobs. Look just because you're making what I spend on transportation and lunch per day in about 30 seconds at ye olde firm doesn't mean you're happier. No, the glass of champagne that is worth more than my poorly tailored suit doesn't really mean anything when it counts. And if you're at a non-profit, enjoy the slave labor you've vowed to perform to receive the chum change that Boalt may or may not throw at you. Me personally, I'm happy to ride public transportation in LA and call my parents to tell them when I'll be home for dinner. Sometimes they let me go outside and play. Today I got 10 minutes on the jungle gym.

I now pass this on to For God and For Cheese and Material Fact.


Blogger Joe Shmo said...

If you want to paste text from a web page, do a "Paste special..." and select "Unformatted text"

5/29/2005 11:02 AM  
Blogger Tom Fletcher said...

I guess I'll take a stab:

Now, on to the Caesar’s Bath meme. “List five things that people in your circle of friends or peer group are wild about, but you can’t really understand the fuss over.”

I'll start by saying that I think it would be more interesting to ask what five things we are in a tizzy about that no one seems to understand. Such an exercise would have more positive vibes and more recommendations of good stuff... but anyway, you work with the prompt they give you...

1. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. This one's for SJP. Look, it's just not that tasty a beer. When you can have Anchor Steam or Sam Adams, why would you want Sierra Nevada?

2. Abolishing the death penalty by judicial fiat. This one's for CLR and Boalt Hall students. Just let people vote. And if they want to keep it up, let them reconcile their consciences. You cannot force people to be respectful decent people with a 5-4 opinion; you can only be patient and supportive.

3. File-sharing. This one's for the Intro to IP class and certain one LRA and her magazine articles. Information is not free. And thou shalt not steal. Two simple reasons not to. Grr...

4. Expensive bars. I'm with MJS in his battle vs. JH on this one. Fuck the Claremont bar. I'll take my sideyard anyday. You can add conspicuous consumtion, cars, and rushing through life to this general dissent.

5. My laptop. Sure, it looks cute, but the fan is jiggling loose. This thing whines like a robotic teething baby. Yes, it knows I'm writing this and it better take this as a threat. I'll suffocate your damn fan if you keep it up!

(ok, so I didn't really have five)

5/30/2005 10:23 PM  
Blogger Armen said...

Joe, we use WorpPerfect 11...I have yet to encounter such a feature.

5/31/2005 10:23 PM  
Blogger dirteens said...

I love lists as much as the next person and will take up your Party of Five challenge. I especially appreciate how the name of this task evokes memories of Lacey Chaubert and a generally boring TV show.

6/13/2005 9:59 PM  

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