Monday, June 13, 2005

Speaking of Grading

No I'm not talking about ripping off a lane of PCH for your own private highway, but with Boalt set to release grades in the coming ice age, I can't help but wonder about the benefits of a forced curve. The idea ran through my head when I learned that Yale does not have a forced curve. The professors are free to give whatever grade (H, P, or Sub-P) they want. And no rankings. Ever. Not even the third year bull shit that Boalt has. Putting the whole competition/illicit drug use problem aside, I wonder if a forced curve system actually has the benefit of reducing the annoying fucks that bitch about grades? If you are one of these people, I really can't make any apologies. I just hate it when people argue with professors (or TAs in most non-liberal arts schools) over their grades in the absense of an error.

Granted, I think law students are the last people to not have a sense of entitlement, but I still wonder (and hope and pray) if such an effect exists.



Blogger vampyrepixie2000 said...

it does exist but in very few numbers.

6/13/2005 10:49 PM  

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