Friday, July 15, 2005

Shirley You Can't Be Serious

Yesterday on NPR I heard a story about the FCC proposal to lift the ban on cell phone use on airplanes. (Read about it here). Most everyone (Airlines, flight attendants, Department of Justice, FAA, which will have its own ban still in place, and many passengers) is opposed to the lifting of the ban...except for the wheelers, dealers, and rainmakers. These people want the ability to dictate a letter to their secretary while on a mid-Alantic flight from Lisbon...or Monacco.

Principally I'm not opposed to WiFi access on flights. Somehow I think the DOJ's fears that terrorists might IM each other (think: annoying IM noise) to coordinate an attack are a stretch. So by all means Mr. Business Class, write your own letter, but don't yap over the quality movie being shown...such as "Soul Plane." And the only reason I rant about this is because I'm just as annoyed when phones go off in class. But not when people blog while in class (or work).



Blogger G. said...

Where this will really be a problem is on overnight/red eye flights. Because you know there will be like 20 jackasses on board who refuse to turn their phones off (because what if little Suzy gets sick and the babysitter has to call???) and will wake up the whole plane at 4am (especially since their home might be in a different time zone, where it's an acceptable calling hour).

7/15/2005 5:07 PM  

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