Wednesday, July 20, 2005

What Goes Around Comes Around

So, it seems like this little blog is turning into a little Boalt beacon, with alums commenting, 2Ls rising, and general information flowing. I assume that means that morbidly curious 1Ls are starting to poke around, and hence our readership here at Nuts & Boalts may be growing.

To all of you incoming 1Ls: I'll be seeing you in Civ Pro, WThF, 11:15-12:30.

And here I thought I'd escaped Boalt Hall for at least two weekdays.

So rising 1Ls, what's the lesson? Think long and hard about the consequences of skipping class to go drink beer at LaVal's...

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Blogger Tom Fletcher said...

... be calm, pounding hearts of my adoring readers!

I'll be seeing them... as an ASP Tutor (chorus of my own schoolgirl squealing)!

And this is the take-home lesson folks. Go ahead. Miss class, drink beer, just make sure you discuss issue preclusion at the same time. If you can develop either a) the quickness of mind to sort out common law procedure doctrines while pounding pitchers, or alternatively b) a law-school inspired profound immunity to beer's non-delicious consequences, you could be me (still waiting to see if it was a or b that did it).

But seriously, I love civil procedure. And I will gladly hold office hours at Raleigh's. 2Ls invited too.


7/20/2005 10:18 PM  

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