Monday, December 19, 2005


Terrorists may be using the chicken pox virus to attack law students here in Berkeley. If you haven't scratched yourself for about a week your entire life, then you're in grave danger. Heads will roll, phone lines will be tapped, bums scratching themselves a little too much will be burned at the stake, but we WILL fight this enemy.

Unfortunately, the current administration refuses to release data on other viruses and bacteria that law students spread to each other in various ways. They don't want to discourage what little physical contact law students already have with each other.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, I thought you were a bit nuts when you wrote that because I had not yet checked my email. Now it makes sense.

How can someone be old enough to be in law school and yet never had the chicken pox? Isn't it required for you to have vaccination for that if you never had the disease itself?

12/19/2005 5:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahem. It's totally possible to be old enough to go to Boalt and never have had chicken pox. And to never have been vaccinated. It's not weird! Those of us who were tough and sturdy enough to ward off the virus as robust, earthy youngsters must come face to face with the sad fact that only the tremendous stresses and rigors of law school finals can make us, the strongest of Boalt's men and women, vulnerable to pediatric disease. Oh, yes.

Kleenex, anyone?

12/19/2005 9:37 PM  
Blogger Boalt Action said...

We should give the UN inspectors more time to determine if the chicken pox virus is contagious.

12/19/2005 9:52 PM  

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