Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Renaissance Matz

The judge I externed for this summer, Hon. A. Howard Matz, handed down a ruling recently on the potential copyright infringement of Google's image search. (News story here). I only write because of the potential decline in my classroom browsing of various "copyrighted" images. Actually, I write to highlight the importance of IP for anyone who wishes to clerk. I am almost certain the technical explanations are the product of a dilligent and internet savvy clerk.


Blogger Tom Fletcher said...

My somewhat-informed take: sorry Matz, wrong. Kelly II decided this issue the other way, and getting suckered by the "we sell small versions of our pictures" argument was the wrong way to go. None of those fair use factors tipped in P10's direction by much at all, and to say that they outweigh the social value of the image search?

Too bad there's no final order for Google to appeal... their best hope is Matz will reconsider.


2/22/2006 7:41 PM  

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