Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ode on a Berkeleyan 3L

Thou still unravish'd bride of red hotness,
. Thou foster-child of Emmanuel and Gilbert,
Even for Swift, you couldn't study any less
. Than a painful tale called the law of tort.

In RSF, Gilfoil and Harvey work to get in shape
. To pass for deities or mortals, or of both,
. As they say hello to Professor Bundy.
. What scandals have you seen? Ladarre with no cloth?
Were you the one in the journal office? Or on the infamous tape?
. Did you love Spaulding? But have a crush on Edley?

Anyway that's the extent of attempted parody. I probably should have just quoted the lyrics to "I fought the law and the law won" and called it a day. The point is, I will genuinely miss SOME of you 3Ls. You know who you are. For the rest of you, I will put Greenday's "Good Riddence" on replay. I do wish each and every one of you the best. I have learned a lot from these 3Ls, so a heartfelt Nuts & Boalts thank you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bravo on your mad poetry skillz.

Gilfoil's glistening biceps will indeed be sorely missed at the RSF.

5/10/2006 3:08 PM  

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