Monday, May 08, 2006

An open question to Professor Steele, or anyone else that might know the answer

Again, this should be posted on the message board, but it still doesn't get enough hits to give DS his answer.

So, Professor Steele, or 2 or 3Ls that have worked a firm-summer already, answer DS this.

Disco Stu has to take a week and 2 days off from summer employment at his law firm this summer. He's wondering how he gets paid. Is it /week, /day, /hour? Can DS make up some of this missed work time by coming in on weekends and/or staying late to finish the oh-so-crucial assignments big corporate firms give to lowly summer associates?

He certainly doesn't expect to make up the whole time off (though that would be fantastic). He is simply looking to get paid for some of the time he's gone - and he's willing to work his ass off for that - staying late, coming in on weekends, whatever it takes. This is a lot of money he's losing if he can't get paid for any of this time.

So, there it is. Is there any way a firm would allow a summer to make-up and get paid for time that summer took off?



Anonymous John Steele said...

On matters of that kind, my advice is to pick up the phone and call the recruiting coordinator to ask how the issue is handled. In my experience, it's not a matter of whether you ask, but rather how you ask. Avoid any tone of entitlement or "taking it personally." The goal of the summer is to get that offer, and being someone who works well on teams often weighs more heavily than being someone with technical skills -- even great skills like bowhunting and the like.

5/09/2006 9:17 AM  

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