Friday, November 16, 2007

Live-blog: Boalt Hall “Fires” 2007

10:50 AM: Fire alarms going off. Confusion among law students: “should I actually put these books down? It’s 4 weeks until finals!?!”

11:00 AM: Many people out in the courtyard. Rumors swirling as to the cause:
- Spontaneous combustion
- Dean Edley has gone mad and decided the easiest way to get his new building is to burn Boalt down and collect on the insurance
- Some pissed off Hastings student has decided to exact revenge for the acts of our beloved Trustifarian (which, by the way, persistent rumor is that he was not in fact expelled)

11:45 AM: Disheveled fireman emerges from building all wet and barking into his walkie-talkie.

11:55 AM: All clear – people are returning to their studies. Appears to be something minor...

12:05 PM: This investigative reporter just confirmed with a firewoman that there in fact was no fire (ho-hum) and the fire alarm was due to two broken sprinklers in the basement. It now appears that the first and second possible explanations are less likely (unless Edley was trying to flood the school – which can be equally devastating…). Possibility three still remains. Anyone else have an explanation?

12:29 PM: Email from school administration - broken fire sprinkler confirmed (which, by administration standards, is a rather quick response). I especially loved the "Because of the complexity of our building it took some time to locate the problem and insure that it was the sole issue." First, I say that this doesn't rule out the Edley explanation - he knows this more than anyone and he's definitely smart like a fox. Second, given the condition of the facilities, I'm sure that the broken sprinkler simply couldn't be the "sole issue."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best part of the administration email was the final sentence:

When the building is safe for re-entry, you will be notified.

And how is it that we will be notified? Will there be an announcement? Or should we just guess that it's safe and hope we don't walk into impending inferno?

11/16/2007 2:10 PM  

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