Thursday, May 08, 2008

Q & A With Our Soon-To-Be ASP

The Shark has posted a Q & A* with our new ASP hire.

No bones about it, she's here to help with the bar exam. And part of her plan will be to talk about teaching, with teachers:

What I have proposed to [Boalt] as an idea, and what I’d very much like to do, is to start thinking about teaching colloquia. I think it’d be fun to bring in professors in education, psychology, people who have something to say about pedagogy, so at least there is some place for people to talk about teaching. It would give faculty members an opportunity to talk about their own pedagogy, what works for them, a setting in which these could be shared.

"Fun"? I wonder if that is some kind of newfangled genteelism for "effective." I also wonder if deciding to bring her mindset on board at Boalt suggests that there may indeed be "an instructional issue" [see comment at 8:05 PM].

You should read the interview for yourself. My intention is not to lift her words from their context, and use them to level an implicit charge against the pedagogical skills of our fine professor-scholars here at Boalt.

But on the other hand, what she says sounds so . . . rational.

*Update: Links fixed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Note to self: Use "colloquia" at least once in each bar essay.

5/08/2008 1:35 PM  

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