Monday, March 02, 2009

Player needed

Hi peeps,

We need one (maybe two if someone flakes out) more participant for a Boalt fantasy baseball keeper league we're setting up. Ideally this league would perpetuate itself, and while you wouldn't be on the hook for more than a year, long-term interest is preferable. We're in the midst of finalize the rules, but rest assured, they will be awesome.

The buy-in is $100, and we'll pay out to the top 2-3 placings.

The requirements:
1. You can't be a douche.
2. You reasonably expect that you will take the league seriously.

Shoot me an email at if you're interested (yeah, that's my fake address, so feel free to spam away).


Blogger Armen said...

Toney, this post is highly inappropriate for this blog for a variety of reasons.

1. Us alumni are in a $75 league and you little pricks are using Sallie Mae benjamins? WTF?

2. Inviting future lawyers into an organization with rules to-be-defined. Brilliant idea.

3. How will trades be approved? If it's commish approved, what if the commish agrees to a trade, but then upon further reflection disallows the trade in his capacity as the commish?

4. Related to Point 3, what if a previous Boalt FB league turned to binding arbitration on the issue? Is that binding on future Boalt FB leagues? Does the Sports and Entertainment Law Society want to extend a speaking engagement invite to said "arbitrator?"

5. Hit by a pitch. Great stat or greatest stat?

6. OPS vs. Batting Average: The Fantasy Rise of Adam Dunn.

7. Keeper league?

8. Previously discussed fantasy "sports" on N&B: Fantasy OCIP (most offers, most dinner invites, eats the most at reception, most free giveaways, most traveling, VPS (Vault Plus Slugging %), etc.).

9. If lineups can be changed daily, how do we know this is not just a clever ruse to get 10-12 Boalties to automatically hitch a ride on the P-train?

10. "You just don't know when to shut up, do you Saxie boy?"

3/02/2009 2:38 PM  

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