Monday, February 22, 2010

Good Luck to You Februarians

To those of you taking the California bar this week (or any bar, for that matter), we wish you all the best.

Feel free to complain here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aw, thank you so much for thinking of us! Really appreciate the post. I am going a bit crazy, not sleeping well, etc, but I am so excited it will all be over soon.

I need to keep reminding myself it will be ok. I've taken tests before, they have been fine, everything will be fine. Phew. Oh, and tip for folks for July - do not read the above the law comments about the bar exam. They will freak you out!

2/22/2010 9:22 AM  
Blogger Carbolic said...

Good luck, you crazy kids.

Also, "Februarian" is one of my favorite words.

2/22/2010 5:12 PM  

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