Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You've Been Gunned

The Gun Club at it again? This morning in a 1L Torts class the students arrived to find a nip of whiskey in each seat along with a note stating something like, "You've Been Gunned."

The legend continues.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

As if the 1Ls weren't already drunk. . .

9/28/2010 2:18 PM  
Blogger Dan said...

Nice. Anyone have a picture?

9/28/2010 2:21 PM  
Blogger Dan said...

Also, what kind of whiskey? I seem to remember some ballyhoo during the John Yoo fiasco about subpar beer.

9/28/2010 2:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Red Stag.

9/28/2010 2:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maker's Mark.

9/28/2010 3:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not the best whiskey in the world (pretty WT actually), but if they really supplied one nip for each seat in a supermod, that's quite an investment regardless of the brand. Who is bankrolling such an operation? The Vatican, the Illuminati, Colonel Sanders?

9/28/2010 3:42 PM  
Blogger caley said...

"So Whos in this Pentaverate?"

"The Queen, The Vatican, The Gettys, The Rothchildes, AND Colonel Sanders before he went tits up. I hated the Colonel with his wee beady eyes and that smug look on his face . . . ooooh your gonna buy my chicken oooohhh!"

"Dad, how can you hate the Colonel?"

"Because he puts an addictive chemical in his chicken that makes you crave it fortnightly, smartass!"

9/28/2010 3:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could this have something to do with the Bachuus Society event today? A little too well timed to be coincidence...

9/28/2010 4:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unlikely. That event isn't until tomorrow anyways.

9/28/2010 4:15 PM  
Blogger Dan said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

9/28/2010 6:14 PM  
Blogger Dan said...

This could be a first step toward taking back the word "gunner." From here on, let it refer not to overzealous students but to great people who buy whiskey for strangers.

9/28/2010 6:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It actually wasn't the gun club. I know for a fact that a group of 1L gun-club wannabes handed those out. They aren't actually in the gun club.

9/28/2010 9:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is entirely too conspicuous to actually be the Gun Club. If it is, former members will be pissed.

9/28/2010 9:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The gun club doesn't exist.

9/28/2010 9:57 PM  
Anonymous Pres. K. Lopes said...

Ere ye who profess to know facts, and
Prevaricate the legacy of the gun.
Impish anonymous pathetic hacks
Crapping all over our fun.

Fortunately for you, the gun doth exist
And its barrel's never been warmer.
I sincerely doubt any brother's pissed
Let alone passed into "former."

9/28/2010 11:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the gun club is lame.

9/29/2010 10:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The gun club does exist, but it was not responsible for the liquor distribution mentioned in this post. I know the group of kids that did it and they're definitely not in the gun club.

9/29/2010 10:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


No, this was clearly the gun club. They are an elite group of Boalt students dedicated to fun. You are just trying to deprive them of the credit they deserve.

9/29/2010 10:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any group that describes itself as elite is definitely not dedicated to fun. Must not have been the gun club.

9/29/2010 2:01 PM  
Blogger Dan said...

I really wanted to make a Halo reference just then...

9/29/2010 2:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the law school system depression and ugliness are especially heinous. At Boalt Hall, the dedicated students who provide relief and merriment are members of an elite squad known as the Gun Club. These are their stories. Doink. Doink.

9/29/2010 2:46 PM  
Blogger Sean said...

I don't think the Law and Order sound effect is much of a doink. More of a dun.

10/01/2010 9:00 AM  

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