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From the Los Angeles Times
September 21, 1894

The temperance question has become an issue in the university town of Palo Alto. By acts of the State Legislature the sale of liquor has been prohibited within a certain distance of the grounds of the University of California at Berkeley and, although the law has been evaded to some extent by crafty venders of alcoholic beverages, yet the effect of the measure has been felt to a certain degree.

When Palo Alto was selected for the location of the Stanford University it was expressly the wish of the founder of the institution that no liquor should be sold within its limits and to that effect a prohibitory clause is inserted in every conveyance of Palo Alto real estate, which provides that the vendee, his heirs and assigns, shall not at any time manufacture or sell to be used as a beverage, any intoxicating liquor or to permit the same to be done on the premises conveyed. It is also provided that if the vendee, his heirs or assigns, violate the above provision and condition, the indenture shall be void and the premises shall revert to and become the absolute property of the vendor, who may enter and take possession and remove the vendee or any person holding under him.

The population was surprised when the discovery was made several days ago that J. Spencer and C. W. Condon, two of the town dealers, have been carrying on an illicit liquor trade in a small way. Both men have been placed under bonds to appear before the Justice of the Peace and answer to charges of selling liquor. The interesting question of the constitutionality of the prohibitory clause of the conveyance of the real estate will also arise from this affair.

Timothy Hopkins, the previous owner of the land upon which the liquor was sold, will bring suit in the Superior Court of Santa Clara county against the landlords of Condon and Spencer in order to test the legality of the clause. It is stated upon good authority that the suit will be simply a test case of the question.



Blogger McTwo said...

If only Berkeley remained known for its crafty venders of alcoholic beverages.

8/08/2011 8:45 AM  
Blogger McWho said...

No Bears' Lair is what I will miss most about football games being in SF this year.

8/08/2011 10:03 AM  

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