Wednesday, February 01, 2012

If I May...

While we continue to mourn the loss of Polly, I wanted to briefly interject to pass along some uplifting news regarding the Boalt community, namely the appointment of my classmate Sonia G. as the executive director of the California Bar Foundation (the non-profit that you can donate to when filling out your bar payment forms).  The broader mission of the Bar Foundation is to increase access to justice, but as it relates to law students, the Bar Foundation offers scholarships for students from underrepresented communities as well as those who'd like to work in the public interest sector.  No doubt, Sonia will continue with the Bar Foundation's mission full steam ahead. 



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can we have a thread on the class campaign? I am a 3L and I don't really understand what it is. They are doing a poor job of explaining it. Is it just a fundraising campaign? Does the money go for a class gift or something (ie. named bench or sculpture)? Why do people seem to have such polarizing views on this? I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts.

2/02/2012 10:20 AM  

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