Monday, November 05, 2012

Election Open Thread

Consider this your election day / night open thread.  I am too busy to create election night coverage drinking game, but if you really want to get wasted, take a drink anytime someone mentions "middle America" or "rural/suburban families."  Instead, if you think you're a political hot shot, then go ahead and try to predict the answers to these questions:

1.  Winner of the Presidency is: __________.

2.  We will know the winner by:  __________ (date and time in PST).

3.  The winning (and by this I mean clinching the 270 mark) Electoral votes will come from the State (or Commonwealth or District) of __________.

4.  Winner will receive _______ Electoral College votes.

5.  The winner will receive ____ % of the popular vote.

6.  The winner will receive ________ total popular votes.

7.  Most important issue according to the exit polls will be _________.

8.  The breakdown of the Senate will be: __ D, ___ R, ___ I (bonus points if you correctly identify who the independent Senators will caucus with).

9.  __________ will win the Massachusetts Senate race.

10.  The GOP will gain/lose ______ seats in the House.

These are fairly straight forward.  But then again, this is an open thread so you can add questions of your own or talk about whatever else is bugging you (insert panicked 1L voice, "what the hell is replevin?").     


Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. Obama.
2. Now. See 1, bitches!

11/05/2012 10:38 PM  

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