Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tedford Out

Can't say I'm surprised by this news.  Last season I was experiencing what Cal fans experienced this season, except Neuheisel did not have a fraction of the positive impact on UCLA football that Tedford's had on Cal football.  In fact, it's really hard to overstate the impact of Jeff Tedford.  In 2005, Cal was just a whiny Mack Brown away from going to the Rose Bowl.  Just looking at the list of current NFL players to come through Tedford's program is an impressive list: Rodgers, Lynch, Jackson, Forsett, Best, etc.  I'm sure you can add others.   


Anonymous San Diego said...

May we interest you in a Norv Turner?

11/27/2012 3:23 PM  
Blogger McTwo said...

Oh God, I hope not.

11/28/2012 9:29 AM  

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