Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Not enough air to sustain life

It is high time we pay tribute to Dean V*nden H*uvel and her superb all Boalt emails. Yesterday, there was an explosion in a steam tunnel on campus after someone allegedly stole quite a bit of copper pipe (as one 3L posted: dammit Bubbles!) and power went off for hours leading to a cancellation of classes and general sh*tstorm of bureaucratic confusion (public school). Into the fray stepped Dean V*nden H*uvel who has, for years, kept Boalties from trying to outline through earthquakes, getting stuck in traffic on game days, and generally putting their eyes out. This time she really outdid herself. Highlights below:

" After yesterday's power failure and explosion I am convinced that television and movies have inured us to reality. We laugh at the movie audiences in the early 20th century, who ran from the theaters in terror when they first saw trains and horses coming towards them on the screen. And yet there is video of students standing close to yesterday's explosion site, staring at it as if it were a movie. One has to ask, who is crazier: the people in 1917 who immediately got out of the way of a fast moving train, albeit only a film version of a train; or the people who stand staring at the site of an active explosion and fire, apparently unable to comprehend that it's not a made for TV movie? Even in the law school I encountered some students and faculty who resisted leaving the building, despite dark hallways, and UCPD's orders.... 

When law school or campus personnel tell you to leave the building, you need to leave the building.
Remember that when the power fails so does the ventilation system. 

Even if you have enough light to teach, there may not be enough air to sustain life, especially in the three large classrooms. "

Bravo Dean V*nden H*uvel!

One student commented that even in non-emergency situations there is insufficient air to sustain life in the large classrooms and that perhaps, this would be the wake up call needed to rouse the administration from their devotion to the stop gap solution of "propping the doors open." Need I remind him/her...public school.

Additionally, if you refused to leave campus yesterday and are a 3L (or even a 2L) I shake my head at you m'am/sir. I heard the power was on at Free Haus where you belong.

If you are a 1L, I'm really sorry... I know you guys have reading to do and actually do it.

Stay Berkeley my friends.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh kathleen...

10/02/2013 7:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I've been stuck in the elevator since Monday...could you uh, send UCPD, I'm in the one next to Professor Yoo's office. I'm running out of air in here.

10/02/2013 7:30 PM  
Blogger Darcy Bracker said...

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